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Tax Disputes and Effective Resolution

Voluntary Disclosures, ATO Audits, Reviews, Objections & Appeals

Tax Disputes

Our Accountants have a passion for, and are experienced in, strategically managing voluntary disclosures, ATO reviews and audits, tax objections and appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

Voluntary Disclosures 

 We are experienced in strategically managing voluntary disclosures to ensure that your disclosure will be regarded by the Tax Office as having being made voluntarily and that you are entitled to a reduction in base penalties for making a voluntary disclosure. Accordingly, we can assist you making a voluntary disclosure concerning: 

1. Offshore Voluntary Disclosures 

2. Australian Voluntary Disclosures 

ATO Reviews and Audits

We are very experienced in strategically managing GST/tax reviews and audits for our clients up until the tax audit completion date, being either the date our client has been issued with a notice of assessment or the date our client received an audit finalisation letter from the Tax Office. Accordingly, we aim to settle GST and tax disputes administratively and early in the process, although we recognise that GST and tax litigation may occasionally be necessary to resolve these disputes. 

We can assist you with the following tax reviews and audits:

1. Individual and Small Enterprises 

2. Medium Enterprises 

3. High Net Wealth Individuals 

4. GST Audits 

Resolving Tax Disputes Administratively 

 A majority of tax disputes can be resolved internally with the Tax Office. We can assist you with resolving your tax disputes administratively with the Tax Office through the following avenues: 

1. Private rulings 

2. Taxation objections to private rulings 

3. Taxation objections to tax assessments 

4. Remission of penalties 

5. Remission of general interest charge 

6. Debt negotiations 

7. Payment Plan Arrangements

8. Settlements

9. Director Penalty Notices

10. Class Rulings

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